sp09 doings


Hi Everyone. If any of the following doesn’t work for you, just let me know. It can be tweaked easily. This is the last screening we’ll do like this, we are trying a new sign-up system for you all for the June 15th screening of Jaws and moving forward – and planning for you to input and help tweak this new system. So bear with us the below has been done for clarity of roles, So no one left feeling like a spare fart. These are the names of those who waved their hands in WhatsApp last week.

We’re in a good position that there is a lot of us to get the screenings done and done well! So for now here we go, names for Saturday:


2:30pm – 3:30pm Lindsay to open up WH

PREP: 8 people
Please could the following be at WH for 2:30pm
Lindsay, Claire, Chris, Alistair, Keith, Lewis, Simon, Su


Heating on: Lindsay
Screen, Projector and mixing desk: Chris / Alistair / Keith / Lindsay
Chairs + Tables: Claire / Simon / Su
Signage / tea + coffee area / all print outs: Lindsay
Lighting: Simon + Su / Lewis
Keith / Lewis: Bar decor, glasses

AIM for 3:30pm all come together to take a breather, thanks, any notes and all happy.


Please  could the following people be at Wash House 6pm:
Lindsay, Claire, Jacky, Alistair, Keith, Lewis, Sybil, Wendy, Chris

6pm: Anything prep required like chilled wine out, urn, milk etc
6:10pm Fire safety chat, any issues to note;

Box Office: Claire + Jacky
Film Ushers: Lewis + Lindsay + Claire (located left, right and back of hall)
Bar: Keith + Alistair + Lewis (between the three, move between other tasks)
Screening ie. Audio event up/down and holding screen: Alistair & Chris, use Lindsay’s laptop
7:20pm Caller: Lindsay
7:30pm: Fire Safety: Lewis
Film Intro: Alistair
9:15ish: Closer, please join us: Lindsay
9:55pm: Bar is closing in 5min: Lindsay

** when all tidy done, we come together and sing “Forever in Blue Jeans” .. oh sorry I mean we have time for a little feedback, a laugh and touch base and joy joy joy.